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2022年to see a doctor(看病)高中作文
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The first time feel headache fatigue he thought of medical. Most of the short-term Chinese here nothing serious never findadoctor. What's wrong with that with that standing drugs will solve the problem here for medical system not familiar withastrange disease the trouble. Ialways want to experience theAmerican medical service so hebookedaEmoryaffiliated hospital of family doctors.

EMORY HOSPITAL in downtown CRAWFORD mutually strikingatallbuilding the roof madebrand the subway station is seen. Iarrivedat the hospital 30 minutes earlier than in the hall customeradvice on the elevatoracross the hall hasbeen decorated Christmas treeand see some coffee cake don't likeahospital. On the 11th flooraccording to the office door like the instructions to the office in the officeadoor hasadoctor's namebrandall the doors were shutand silently Iknockedat the door no response is to makeaphone call toasksomeone opened the door originally the inside is waitingarea. Enter first registration nurses from the window tables to findasofasit down form.

All information to fill in the domestic hospital of hospital many patients with the id number can't provide not to mention theaccuracy of the information. Remember when interns patientsafter discharge records of the page will often muchabout fillasucksbut the hospital expensesare closed don't like here hospitalsand insurers.

The waiting roomand familyasofaandatelevisionbroadcasts health mission slice softly.Anurse froman inside push door that person more thananappointment forabout 15 minutes late call me. First the nursebrought my weight toaroom let me lay inachairaone-time matasked me to see the doctor this time what is the main reason is that we "complaint cases then give me"blood pressure let mecome in here I will waiting for the doctor to lay to rest. The room is notbig the left side ofawall chart cerebrovascular disease cardiovascular disease is on the right side wallashelfalot of free healthbrochures highblood pressure diabetesasthmaallergies insomniaobesity...Americaiscommon. The opposite wall isapainting paintingand under two chairs inacorner of the mirrorand wash one's hands. Wallpaper designsare good-looking!

After ten minutes someoneknockgently recently isayoung male doctors very pretty clothesand relaxed scraping the inclined stripe tie very clearblue eyes. Greetings startby very carefully including meals dietand lifestyle.Askand records. Suddenly he said your English is very good I said thankyou he said Iam not really so very easycommunication. I said Ialso studied medicine heasks do you feel headache in what willbe the reason? Chat then do the conventional medical examination. Let me rest Dr. Glenn moment.

All information to fill in the domestic hospital of hospital many patients with the id number can't provide not to mention theaccuracy of the information.She let me sit downand I talked up workand life style theboss easy-goingafter work. What do not sleep how have friends here long time to call the family I haveaspecialanxiety things... She felt great pressureand I need the 90/10 principle relaxationand rest still need to do something interesting. The whole process young doctorsare standing there I don't understand he explained or remind I talkto polite in process can sometimes turn to see him hesmiledand nodded.

Finally let me go to makean inspectionblood test lab(that) inasite.

The nursebroughtalist gives me write the inspection of the room number laboratory in the samebuildingalso closed door outside quietness push the door to register sit down etc. This isacall Labcorpcompany I thinkit is thecompany of laboratory project the hospital is not like our every hospital set up their own laboratoryAmericais not only the medical centre estimates medicine noramedical. Professional things make professionalcompanyand professionals to do this isakind of very good resource integrationand utilizationand putan end to many problems not involved in hospital managementand more simple.

Progressive formafterawhile call my name nurse let me into the second hand she willcome later I'mafraid she didn'tknow socomplex name I worriedaboutamericans in this rigorous level (had the similar experience)and confirm the name Mr.. Haven't I incredibly dare hemospasiahehe!After sheaskedagain First. I need toaskthemselves with report? No there willbe sent to the doctor.

The whole process twoandahalf hours long enough indeed here's the doctor very calm.Because of the health insuranceand medical treatment system so that the system is easy to operation.Booking need to wait for several days some doctors time longer. If there isan emergency situation the cost is higher emergency if notanxious pti found waiting some still willbe refused toaccept it.

Compared with our country has its ownadvantagesand disadvantages. Generally speaking the doctor's income the status of Chinese higher than many many timesalso high medical costs.As we see with convenientand you want toknow need to wait until the next test results of the doctor I wonder if itall doctors. If there is no medical insurancebasicallybe looked sick. Readadocumentary in the United Statesalso havealot of workno insurance such patients the majority of doctors is notacceptable family simply can'tafford the high medical costsalthough thereareall sorts of fund can helpaperson who has difficultybutalso isadrop in thebucket. Of course the population of the United Statesand Chinahave no medical insurance one-third of the population. Chinais now carrying outareform of the medical treatment do notknow how to policymakers will. Why our health care system the doctor does not satisfied patientsare not satisfied hospitals havecomplaints the government's financialburden is heavy medical resources wasteand repeated verybadly. So how do not please painfully everywhere condition of social harmony can make?

KuiBaoYiBan said some experiences.

Reformand opening-up economic development good Inevitably highlights the contradictions Now is the time to solve these problems the negative spywares! I wish this can make people's satisfaction medicaladvances there canat leastaugean clean-up hedge-fund!

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